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Wondering what others have gained by joining Profound?

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If you answered yes to any of those questions, take a listen and hear what some of our incredible members have to say!

cindy payne testimonial
Cindy Payne

President/Owner NICS

“There’s takeaways from every experience you have in life, and the takeaways that I’ve gotten from Profound so far have not only made my new business succeed, but also all of my relationships in life much better.” 

Dino Dimkopoulos

President Syntela, Inc. 

“From the people that I’ve met here at Profound, there’s some really dynamic business people here and everybody has such a great outlook on life and on Upstate New York.” 

Dino Dimkopoulos testimonial
Jaime Venditti testimonial
Jaime Venditti

Managing Partner & President J Strategies Inc.

“I followed the social media and I still saw the value in what you were doing. I thought this seemed like an organization that I could come in at a midway point and still be integrated and feel like I was a part of the group, which I’m so happy to say I was right.”  

Bill Schoff

Managing Director UBS Financial Services Inc.

“I am a founding member of Profound and Profound has already exceeded any expectations I had, and we’re only a few months into it, honestly. I’ve met some of the most interesting people in Upstate New York! You know, in my line of business, I have to do that in New York City, or Chicago, or Miami, or Los Angeles. They’re all right down the road here and I think that I will have forged some great relationships by the time we’re done.”

Bill Schoff testimonial

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