Mission & Manifesto

Profound's Mission

To create an intimate, collaborative mastermind group where Upstate New York’s most ambitious humans can build connections, learn and share invaluable skills, and grow together professionally and personally. And as a result, help realize our region’s tremendous untapped potential.

Our Manifesto

We are a community of radical change-makers, vulnerable heroes, and lifelong self-educators who believe that there is no greater purpose than to build something profound with this ONE beautiful life we have been given.

At Profound- you can be Superman, you can be Wonder Woman. But you can also be Clark Kent… Diana Prince. You can take off the mask. You can share the human that makes the hero.

This is a different kind of strength. A deeper one. A profound one.

This is not a Mastermind Group for the selfish, for the self-obsessed, and the self-destructive. We make the most out of the moment, we make the most out of ourselves, and we show others how to do the same. We believe one should do well in this world while doing good in it.

We don’t pitch our members- we build a lasting success together.

We look after one another- especially the “strong ones” who are often forgotten.

We are not driven by ego, we are driven by the greater good. And we achieve that greater good with an indomitable passion built off the might of one another’s successes. Sanity Over Vanity. Truth over Ignorance. Life Over Apathy.

Manifesto Continued

A Profound Life is filled with a sense of purpose, your good fight emerges, and a family of warriors is there behind you ready to support you every step of the way. We refuse to ever become a shell of ourselves, to let our flames dim, to let our lesser self emerge or let our profound potential whisper away.

How We Build Together
● We bridge together the top brightest and boldest “doers” of Upstate New York
● We create space for authentic, profound connection
● We offer access to transformational events that will reshape the way we view our world, what we can achieve, and who we can become

● We build access to experts and titans of success who have dedicated themselves to helping others find their own excellence
● We cultivate our personal brands so the world can know who we are, what we stand for, and why we are here
● We harmoniously increase our status to serve the greater good and build something greater than ourselves

Masterminding together- it’s a profound way of being.