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Ryan Benz

President, Redev CNY, Oh My Darling, Parthenon Books

"I took a chance and I was blown away by the people, the experiences. Recognizing there’s such a great sense of we are all in this together, there’s no egos, and let’s grow together."

Kate Houck

Executive Director, David's Refuge

"My first year in Profound has been, everything I can dream of, and I wanted to join this group because for me, community is the key to everything. Deep relationships with other amazing human beings is how the world goes round and I want to be a part of it."

Dennis Nave

Managing Partner, Nave Law Firm

"You know, for me, it's just, again, about being with the community of people. That to me is what this is all about. And if you know the right people in your community, hey, I know this person. I got somebody here. Or maybe I can call to help me bounce ideas off certain people to me. And that's the strongest piece of this.”

Kate Nutting

Principal & Managing Member, VIP Architectural Associates

“It's amazing here because it's such a layered approach. You meet a few people and you think you've kind of got the group and you're not even close to it! I look around and there's another 20 tables and I'm like, Oh my gosh, I got to go actively reach out to everybody. And I think my favorite part about this experience of ours, people bring their whole selves.”

Nick Barnello

Owner, Northeastern Contractors

“My experience so far, meeting people at Profound, has been amazing. I've gotten great relationships with people. I've actually done business with a bunch of people from here. You know, the friendships are way outside of this, and it's it's awesome. It's exactly what I signed up for.”

Hasan Stephens

Founder & CEO, Good Life Youth Foundation

“So any time you come to Profound, you have all these creative minds that are in business, successful, and when you put that together, it sparks so many new ideas for yourself and you find yourself also being able to give some of the ideas that you have back and it just ping pongs back and forth and it just becomes like intoxicating to be able to have that interaction.”

Upstate NY's Most Profound Network

Unprecedented access to the area’s top business leaders

Connect, learn, share ideas, build relationships, and discover and create new business opportunities

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Learn from many of our members who have started, scaled, and sold their companies!

4 Major Annual Events

World-class experiences and realtionship building opportunities

Industry-leading speakers

Intensive breakout sessions and workshops

Access & Idea Sharing

Private Facebook group to mastermind ideas, uncover opportunities, and tackle challenges

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1-on-1 access with our members

Curated Smaller Events

Build more and deeper connections throughout the year

Includes intensives, private dinners, golf outings, wine tours, and more

Custom professional matchmaking service to help you maximize business opportunities year round

Now Accepting Applications

This is your opportunity to level up your life alongside fellow changemakers.

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