Friday, March 24th

Profound x Rescue Mission Giveback!

Address for invite:
Syracuse Rescue Mission155 Gifford St, Syracuse, NY 13202

Phone: (315) 472-6251

Hello Members!

As we begin to dive into Community Giveback, we kick things off at the Rescue Mission! Join us as we spend a full day, 3 different shift opportunities, helping to serve those less fortunate in the Upstate area.

Sign up for a shift, breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner, here at our Profound account:

Friends and family are invited too! Simply share the link above for them to sign up and join in. Do kiddos need Community service? Take advantage!

Community is EVERYTHING.
TOGETHER, we are more impactful.

Thank you to each of you. We know this day may not work for everyone, but more volunteer opportunities are on the horizon across the region! Hit me up friends with questions, and/or for any assistance in signing up!

Questions? Contact Joyl at 315-708-3303